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Terms & Conditions

.beachfront Real Estate & Investment conditions of sale for buyers


1.  If you are applying for a property at .beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC listed property, we will endeavor to sell the property to you through a representative of .beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC at the earliest convenience to the seller and you.


2.  When you place an offer on a property at .beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC listed property, we will submit the offer to the owner for consideration and will notify you within 48 hours of their decision to accept or decline the offer.


3.  Once the price has been agreed and a contract of sale signed, a deposit will be paid directly to the owner or to us as trustee of the property through your solicitor or you as the prospective buyer.


4.  We do not make any recommendations on the choice of your legal counsel, but do recommend that you check with your embassy and the lawyers listed there who may act independently on your behalf. You are free to choose your lawyer and it is not dependent on a business relationship with us.  All legal fees incurred in purchasing the property are the responsibility of the buyer, not .beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC.


5.  Your solicitor is responsible for all legal matters related to the purchase of a property and its registration with the authorities and .beachfront Real Estate & Investment cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by a lawyer who does not represent .beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC operates.


6.  Upon signing the contract, the brokerage fee for the services rendered will be paid to .beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC due for immediate payment.


Description of the real estate


.beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC endeavors to provide an accurate representation of the properties offered and the photos displayed on the website are intended to give an accurate description of the content and location of the property.  .beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC cannot be held responsible for last minute changes made by the seller. All information is without guarantee, including the purchase price and must be confirmed by the seller. Only then can you complete a reservation.


Reservation of a property for sale


In the event you are applying for a .beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC would like to make a reservation for the property offered, this is possible in connection with a reservation fee. We expressly point out that this is non-refundable in the event that no sales contract is concluded or signed.




.beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC acts to the best of its knowledge and belief. However, we can only tell you what is known to us. .beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC is therefore not liable for any damage or missing information that we cannot communicate if they are not available. In this case, the buyer must come to an agreement with the contractual partner "the seller". Of course, .beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC its clients as far as we can. 



.beachfront Real Estate & Investment LLC                                 01.January.2023

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