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Suite 307 - 160sqm (large) - Online viewing

We are pleased that things are making big progress. The shell of the apartment has now been completed in the first step (except for floors 4 and 5) and can be viewed. The pools are also taking shape and the suites will be ready for occupancy by summer. As always, there will still be a lot of finishing touches to do and the view of the old Sheraton Hotel and the Red Sea are incredibly beautiful. Accompany us on the way through Suite 307 on the 3rd floor and arrange a viewing appointment today to enjoy a clear advantage of our Christmas specials. 20% discount for everyone who pays the purchase price by signing the contract. 50% down payment with one year financing plus 10% discount as a Christmas special and only for a short time with 40% down payment and 2 year financing. Call us today and move into your own home on the beautiful Red Sea Riviera in the summer...

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